Elchim Tackles 5 Common Hair Mistakes

In the age of information, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the myriad of tips and tricks pumped out by magazines, celebrity stylists and bloggers across the globe. So why are your styles still falling short? If you are a stylist or consumer wanting consistently gorgeous hair, fancy serums and overpriced creams will only get you so far. You have to focus on quality tools and how you’re treating your strands every single day to get shiny, healthy hair.


Mistake #1 – TOO MUCH HEAT

Blow dryers, curling wands, and flat irons, oh my! It’s no secret that heat can cause immense damage to hair – sometimes turning hair into a rigid, brittle mess instead of creating those coveted styles.

This is because blow drying uses incredible amounts of power to quickly pull unwanted moisture from the hair. But often, these high settings strip hair of natural moisture as well, causing it to break off at the ends. Thus the higher the wattage on your blow dryer, the stronger the heat and ultimately the more damage done to your hair.

Elchim’s 8thSense blow dryer offers a low-energy setting (as well as higher ones) that produces a mere 300 watts of power. By focusing energy into the airflow for perfect air concentration, 8thSense can create outstanding styles at even the lowest heat settings to leave hair shiny, healthy and gorgeous.



That sizzle and steam coming from your curling or flat iron is the result of your hair literally frying in the heat. The alcohol base used in most hairsprays doesn’t mix well with intense heat. And because the iron clamps down on the hair, thus preventing the product from going anywhere, it’s baking into the follicle as a result.

Instead, use your favorite Elchim high-performance styling tools to create your perfect look, THEN apply the desired amount of hairspray after you’re finished to set it.


Mistake #3- WRONG BRUSH

Choosing the wrong size or type of brush can completely alter the look of your style. For blowouts, smaller barreled brushes tend to create more curl and body, while larger brushes create silky straight locks. So be sure you have the correct options for the looks you’re trying to achieve.

Elchim offers premium brushes made with ultra-light, anti-stress materials. Choose the round brush to create soft waves and curls, while the paddle brushes are perfect for ridding hair of pesky tangles and smoother styles.



Don’t work against the outside elements when creating your (or your client’s) daily styles – work with them! On days when humidity is high and the rain is coming down, play up natural texture by working an anti-frizz serum into your hair, then attach Elchim’s Two-in-One Professional Diffuser to your favorite Elchim blow dryer to create and set beautifully natural waves and curls that dry in seconds without breaking.



You could have expert-level skills when styling and caring for your clients or your own tresses. But, if you’re using older model tools, no amount of effort will give you the look you’re striving for. Like computers, phones and cars, hair technology is constantly being researched and updated to make both stylists and consumers lives a little better.

Elchim follows the strictest national and international quality regulations and takes extra measures to have products certified by impartial international organizations such as NEMKO, ETL, SASO and INMETRO among others. Elchim is also the producer of the very first dryer that specifically addresses all eight existing hair types with our exceptional, ergonomic 8thSense blow dryer. Our 8thSense model uses a unique power regulator and intuitive touch system that eliminates the need for displays and interfaces because your fingers know exactly what they’re doing! In fact, it’s the first professional electronic dryer dedicated to those who love technology and how it makes life (and work) easier.


You can find Elchim’s 8thSense dryer at fine salons and professional beauty retailers nationwide.


Elchim 8thSense Hair Dryer in Sunset Copper will help tackle common hair mistakes
Elchim 8thSense in Sunset Copper