The Truth About Split Ends – 7 Tips to Keep Them at Bay

Split ends. Every one has them, no one wants them. They can make hair difficult to style, resulting in lackluster, frizzy tresses with a dull shine. After all the time and money you spend to make your hair stand out, why ruin it with one little detail?

Never fear. While it’s not possible to “heal” split ends, we have seven tips to keep that unwanted problem at bay, ensuring your hair remains healthy, shiny and full of style!



Tip #1: How you shampoo and condition hair makes a difference

Regardless of what you see in shampoo commercials, don’t pile your hair on top of your head and start scrubbing hair relentlessly. This is a surefire method to develop excessive split ends.

Instead, use shampoo generously at the scalp, then allow the suds to wash down the length of hair – cleansing as it goes. Next, apply conditioner from the crown of the head down, and let it soak in for several minutes before washing it out.

If possible, try not to wash your hair every day, which can also lead to future damage. Instead, use a dry shampoo at the roots, and leave regular washes to every other day.

Tip #2: Use the right brush

Hair is more prone to breaking when it’s wet. So it’s important to not only ensure hair is dry enough before putting a comb through it, but it’s also very important that you’re using the correct brush for your hair type once you’ve reached this step.

The Elchim Paddle Brush is perfect for combing large sections of hair with its broad, flat base and separated bristles that keeps hair safe from unwanted breakage.

Tip #3: Dry hair thoroughly

To get that enviable, sleek style, it’s important to make sure that hair is thoroughly dried before styling can begin. Otherwise, you’re left with a head full of frizz, made even worse by damaged split ends.

We recommend drying hair with Elchim’s Milano Ceramic. With its classic size and minimally-chic design, the Milano Ceramic is the result of advanced research into the air flow dynamic. Itprovides more heat and pressure than any traditional dryer and is the ideal tool to straighten even the frizziest of hair.



Tip #4: Add serum to close the ends

While it’s true split ends can’t magically heal themselves, this doesn’t mean they can’t be sealed using a serum to close the damaged ends. This will temporarily smooth frayed ends while simultaneously increasing much needed moisture. Hydrated hair is stronger and more flexible, as opposed to dry hair that easily breaks. To minimize the appearance of current split ends and to prevent future occurrences, we recommend dousing ends generously with a smoothing serum before attempting any style.

Tip #5: Don’t overstress hair

Split ends are just a result of normal wear and tear on delicate hair follicles. Hot styling tools, chemical processing, outside elements and nature all take their toll. And the more you style your hair, the more likely you’ll be to develop split ends – unless you’re taking proper precautions.

Elchim blow dryers and styling tools are specifically created to respect the wellbeing of hair, with the maximum simplicity of use. The special floating ceramic and titanium oxide plates found in our Styling Wands produce negative ions and infrared rays to perfectly close the hair cuticle during the styling process to smooth even the frizziest of hair. While the ceramic and titanium oxide coating on the Curling Irons and Healthy Wands is developed to keep hair healthy and improve the transmission of heat.

Tip #6: Get regular trims

The only real way to get rid of split ends is to cut them out. Opting for regular, professional trims is the best course of action to keep damage from taking over. Professionals recommend trimming hair every 6-8 weeks, or as your stylist suggests for your type of hair.

Tip #7: Your diet makes a difference

Though it’s an often overlooked factor, your diet plays a large part to the overall health of your hair, and can go a long way in preventing dry, split ends. Hair needs plenty of healthy fats, lean protein, vitamins and water to grow successfully. Making sure you incorporate these foods into your regular diet – while eliminating over-processed, nutrient deficient foods – can ensure your hair stays strong and hydrated from the inside while you work on the outside.


You can find the Elchim Milano Ceramic dryer at fine salons and professional retailers nationwide, retailing for $160.00.



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