Top Tips To Make Your Curls Last All Day

Cheat your way to a better hair day with our top tips on how to curl your hair to make it last all day!

1. Prep, Prep and Prep

When you’re trying to get your hair to do something it naturally doesn’t, you need to give it a helping hand. Applying styling products that create a rough texture or draw moisture out of the hair will help your curls to last longer. The best technique is to prep damp hair with mousse and prep again with hair spray on dry hair immediately before you curl.

2. Let It Set

The biggest mistake you can make when curling your hair is “breaking” the curls too early. After each curl, wrap the curl back into place and pin to your until your curl is completely cool. Why? When you wrap your hair around the barrel or pull through an iron, your hair is exposed to heat. The heat enters into our hair follicles and forces them to change shape. Pinning up cooling curls allows for hair follicles to properly close and form a complete curl shape *science*

3. Invest in High Quality Tools

Most of time the problem isn’t your hair – it’s your hair tools. Toss aside your cheap drugstore brand hot hair tools and invest in an Elchim Healthy Wand or Curling Iron. To assure healthy hair and great styles, your styling tools NEED to have adjustable temperature settings and ceramic rods or plates. High quality tools may be more expensive, BUT Elchim offer ergonomic designs, a variety of heat settings, reduced hair damage, and a lifetime warrantee. What’s not to love?

4. Know Your Tools & Settings

It’s important to be educated on the right heat settings and barrel size or flat iron for your hair type. The recommended heat range for curling hair is 300-350 degrees – thin hair at 300 and course hair at 350.

Those with fine hair, typically the most challenging hair type to curl, should always use a smaller barrel or flat iron with rounded edges. In general, smaller iron sizes create tighter curls that lead to greater hold. Regardless of barrel or iron size, always apply tension when wrapping the hair so heat is evenly distributed.

5. Happy and Healthy Hair

If your hair still doesn’t curl, it’s time for a trim. Overly damaged hair will not hold a curl, or any style. If you have split ends or other unmanaged damage, your curls will not only look unruly, but also fall very quickly. Damaged hair equals damaged hair follicles, and follicles determine the shape and integrity of your hair.