Tool Time: Extending the Life of Your Professional Tools



When you think about the amount of money you spend on the tools of your trade, doesn’t it make sense to protect your investment? The proper care and maintenance of your blow-dryers and flat irons ensures that they’ll serve you well for years to come. Remember, it’s the little things—wiping plates clean after every use, cleaning the air filters—that add up over time. Ken Belizzi, Vice President of Sales for Elchim USA, has these do’s and don’t’s for you:

  • Do clean the air filter on your blow-dryer regularly. That means before it’s completely clogged with hair and debris and you notice a burning smell or your blowouts seem to take forever. Pull the filter off and use a toothbrush to remove the lint. Running the filter under warm water will also do the trick. Just make sure the filter is completely dry before you replace it and voila! You’ll notice the difference immediately, and you’ll extend the life of your dryer.

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  • Don’t wrap the power cord around your blow-dryer, flat iron or curling iron before putting it away. Doing so puts extra pressure on natural stress points and could damage the cord. Instead, hank the cord into elongated loops and secure it in the mid-section with a twist tie or a Velcro cable tie. 
  • Do clean the plates on your flat iron or curling iron after every use. Product builds up on the plates, and if you don’t address the problem, that buildup could become more difficult or even impossible to remove. So get in the habit of wiping down the plates with a damp cloth right after each service while the iron’s still hot. It’s that simple. 
  • Do not leave your flat iron or curling iron plugged in and turned on all day. Professional irons heat up so quickly that there is virtually no waiting time, so turning them off between services is not a problem. Tools have a life span, and if you leave them on for long periods of time when they’re not in use, you’ll shorten than life span. 

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  • Do use salon station appliance holders correctly. Most of the tool holders used in salons are made of some kind of metal, and they’re convenient when you need to put your hot tool down for a moment. That being said, leaving your irons in those metal holders without turning them off first and walking away for an hour or more is never a good idea. As you know, professional irons get pretty hot, and that heat has nowhere to go when it’s trapped inside a metal tube, which means that your iron will become much hotter than it should be. So do yourself a favor. Turn off your iron before stashing it in a salon station appliance holder for an hour or more.