The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need for Styling All Types of Hair

Hair is a fiber, and just like you’d use a different setting to iron silk than you would to iron cotton, you need to adjust the heat when styling different types of hair. You’re in luck because Elchim has just introduced the 8th Sense Styler with innovative technology that takes the guesswork out of working with any texture or curl pattern. With 11 adjustable temperature settings ranging from 203°F to 455°F (95°C to 235°C), it’s the only tool you’ll ever need to straighten, curl, wave or smooth any type of hair.

The idea is to get the job done, while keeping damage to a minimum so let’s talk about the ceramic and titanium plates. They not only preserve the hair’s integrity but also heat up quickly to the desired temperature. There’s more. Ceramic emits negative ions that seal the cuticle, so hair looks sleek and smooth. Meanwhile, titanium evenly distributes heat and keeps hair from snagging on the iron.

Styling colored-treated hair is tricky because it’s already compromised, so keep the heat between 200° F and 300° F. to maintain vibrancy and keep damage to a minimum. The same advice goes for fine, delicate hair. Choose a lower setting just to be safe. Medium to coarse hair as well as curly and natural hair can take the heat, so feel free to choose a setting between 360° F and 410° F. 

Because you have so many settings to choose from, you’ll never have to take multiple passes through the hair to get the results you want, and that means less stress on the cuticle. You’ll also love the ergonomic, state-of-the-art Italian design, which increases comfort, reduces fatigue and improves productivity. So say hello to the Elchim 8th Sense Styler and say goodbye to bad hair days.