The Hairbrush Comes of Age

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The humble hairbrush, nudged aside by high-tech styling tools at times, is so low on the beauty priority list that it’s easy to overlook its importance, but don’t be so quick to give it the brush off. Since the first mass-produced hairbrushes were introduced in 1777—bristles were hand-stitched onto the handle and required up to a dozen people to complete the task—the hairbrush has evolved. Choosing the right brush for the job may not require a Ph.D, but it does require a little know-how. Here are three you should always have in your hair arsenal.

elchim brushes blog

Paddle Brush – Best for detangling wet hair, while protecting the hair and scalp, a wide paddle brush speeds up the blow-drying process. Use before flat ironing for super-sleek results. Curly or wavy hair benefits from the wide-spaced bristles, which can tame frizz without disturbing the natural curl pattern. Handmade in Italy, the Elchim Wooden Paddle Brush ($37.00 MSRP) has specially designed wooden pins that detangle hair quickly, while a large pneumatic natural rubber cushion adapts to the head’s natural curvature, placing less strain on the hair. Another plus: The round design of the pins reactivates the scalp’s circulation by gently massaging the scalp, which offers a range of benefits. Handcrafted with green materials, the brush is 100% recyclable, which helps to reduce your environmental footprint.

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Thermal Brush This is the brush for you if you want sleek, smooth hair. Handmade of wood with Italian craftsmanship, the Elchim Wooden Thermal 1-inch Brush ($30.00 MSRP) features a ceramic barrel and special bristles to polish hair and seal the cuticle, actually adding shine to the hair. Antistatic properties eliminate electrostatic charges so hair looks sleek and smooth. The extra-strong nylon bristles are more heat-resistant than the average brush, which makes it compatible with any of the powerful Elchim hairdryers. The ceramic barrel not only spreads heat uniformly but also reduces styling and drying time.

Round Brush A good round brush is essential for achieving serious volume and lift, and the Elchim 1.75-inch Round Thermal Brush ($19.00 MSRP) is top of the line. New is the ceramic and titanium oxide surface, which makes it more effective. The special curved, heat-resistant nylon bristles provide static-free styling, virtually eliminating flyaways. Get a glam, hydrated finish with just a few brushstrokes. 

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