Science of Blow Drying Your Hair

We all love that fresh-from-the-salon style. It’s the style we can never seem to recreate without the help of our trusted stylists (who we are eternally grateful for!). Well it turns out, there is a scientifically proven technique to achieving the perfect blow dry, even at home! The Chief Technical Engineer at Elchim and professor at the University of Milan, Paolo Chiastra, has dedicated his research to hair and to engineering the perfect blow dryer.

Science of Hair

To achieve the perfect blow dry, you first need to understand the science of hair – don’t worry it’s basic science. Our hairs are mostly made of Keratin, a super-strong natural protein also found in our nails. Keratin acts both as an external protective protein in the cuticle (the protective outer layer of a hair strand) and as an internal structural protein in the cortex (the inner core of the hair that helps determine its strength). We each have between 100,000 and 150,000 hairs that vary in elasticity and strength, creating 8 unique hair types.

What’s your hair type? This question can determine a lot about your daily styling routine and techniques. Each unique hair type requires a specific air flow and temperature – to prevent damage AND achieve your #hairgoals. With all these variables in mind, Chiastra developed the revolutionary Elchim’s 8thSense; the most intuitive blow dryer on the market. Elchim’s 8thSense is the very first dryer that addresses all 8 existing types of hair, from thick to thin hair, to very delicate baby fine hair, to fragile and damaged hair. With the touch of a finger on the electronic accelerator the 8thSense dryer can regulate temperature and air flow with infinite combinations. Using the tool correctly for your hair type is the first step to achieving the perfect blow dry!

Science Of Blow Drying

Technique is key!

  • As you learned from our last post (go read it if you haven’t already), you should never start blow drying your hair when its sopping wet. First towel off your hair, begin blow drying at a low-medium heat until your hair is 75% dry. Don’t forget to attach your nozzle – it is key for volume and a smooth finish!
  • Spilt your hair into two sections. Blow dry the lowest section using a higher temperature, making sure to ALWAYS start at your roots pointing the dryer downward – this helps reduce frizz, stop tangles and enhance shine.
  • Blow dry the top section at the same temperature, starting from the roots working towards the end. Try using a brush to pull you hair forward and out away from your face to give added volume.


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