Now it is the time to use the “Eighth Sense”

Finally it is born the first professional dryer for all kind of hair, from the thickest to the most delicate.

Luca Sabbatini, 34 years of age and the third generation of the founding Elchim family, invited Modern Salon to the presentation of the latest technology of Elchim, the famous manufacturer from Milan, Italy, that since 1945 has been manufacturing professional hairdresser’s tools.

Enthusiasm is contagious and Luca immediately sparks in us the curiosity to know this extraordinary news.

Luca accompanies us to the laboratory, opens a precious gift box and picking up a refined design professional dryer, with contemporary lines and colors inspired by the top fashion brands from Milan, he introduces us to the strengths of this technological revolution named “8thSense”.

Luca: by meeting the best hairdressers around the world, I realized that each of them works with different techniques and philosophies and, above all, that the present hair dryer on the market are not suitable for all hair types. There are in the world 8 types of hair, classified according to scientific criteria based on physical measurements of the curvature of the hair. Moreover everyone has his own personal hair difference.

 Do you think that one professional dryer, even if it is the best, could be used indiscriminately on both thick course hair and a child’s fine hair? Or on both thin hair and damaged hair by aging and even at the same time on ethnic hair with the same power and speed?

 So far traditional hairdryers have always had two speeds and three temperatures, but the obtainable combinations do not give good results on all kind of hair. Differences are often minimal, which does not allow personalized styling and drying.

 On the contrary 8th Sense has combinations of temperature and air speeds that are almost infinite.

The electronic 8thSense modulates the temperature and air speeds becoming docile or when needed powerful and even sensitive all with the simple touch of your finger!

 In practice, the same tool can be used on long and thick hair, on short hair, curly, straight, bleached, on the most fragile, and even on the most delicate of children.

 A professional hairstylist knows that such a hairdryer never existed before, in other words, is much more than a professional dryer, it is also a “styler”.

Int: A “styler”?

Of course! Because by modulating the power of heat, 8thSense works the hair to create any waves, soft waves and contemporary architecture. With the most difficult waves which need high temperatures and very low speed, it also gives a beauty and shiny effect that fixes the hair-setting at its best. 8thSense makes the hairstylists creative with air.

 Words are not enough to explain the “8thSense” experience. For this reason, I invite you to test this jewel of technology and I am sure that none will come back to the traditional hairdryer. To use a metaphor, it would be like going back to the standard house or pay phone instead of our modern smartphones.

At this point our interviewer is drawing her attention on a detail in the design of 8thSense and asking Luca whether the unusual rear filter has been designed for a particular technical function.

Luca: It is indeed an elchim invention. The lateral air intake together with a technological internal system reduces the accumulation of dust on the filter and prevents the hair from entering into the dryer, hence not damaging the motor and causing overheating. It is all about a small but great breakthrough which is the result of technological research of our company that ensures the hair dryer has characteristics unchanged over time in terms of heat and air, a longer life and less maintenance.