October Celebrity Hair Crush

Survey results are in: Jenna Dewan Tatum will forever be hair (and life) goals! Her dancing, her family, her skin, her hair – all flawless. This fall Jenna has been rocking the iconic hairstyle of 2017; the lob. The lob, aka the long bob, is the perfect mid-length cut for all hair types and face shapes.

Jenna is donning a sharper A-line cut (with her hair longer in the front and shorter in the back) with subtle copper balayage…perfect for fall! We love how this A-line cut takes the classic lob from sleek and sophisticated to sexy (like Jenna needs it). When styled the hints of copper add so much dimension and depth!

Get Jenna’s Look

If Jenna’s beauty hasn’t inspired you to chop you locks, then the super-low maintenance styling of this haircut will. Regardless of your hair type Elchim Natures Touch is essential in styling your lob.

Starting with the lowest section of your hair, take small sections and use the styler to create loose curls and gorgeous waves. Make sure you are leaving the ends straight – that adds to the modern feel. Continue up your hair in layers and sections, alternating the direction of the waves in each layer. Try mixing up the size of the curls and bends to add lots of movement and texture. The goal of this style is to look effortless and carefree. Don’t worry about your hair getting messed up throughout the day…the longer you wear this style, the better it looks!

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