The new Natures Touch styling tool preserves hair integrity while creating contemporary styles




Gone are the days of damaged ends and sizzled strands. Elchim has designed a styling wand that not only minimizes styling time and produces perfect results, but also respects hair’s natural look and texture. This assures you’ll get soft, smooth hair like you’ve never seen before.

Natures Touch offers five benefits that you won’t find anywhere else!


Unlimited style

The two floating, perfectly rounded plates creates waves, soft curls or straight hair for stunning versatility!

Professional results in one pass

Nature’s Touch has incorporated ceramic and titanium oxide materials using HIT technology (High & Constant temperatures) to develop immediately constant and uniform temperatures over the entire surface of the plate. This allows users to apply a single pass over hair, thus minimizing damage while achieving expert results.

Respect for hair integrity

With 11 temperature settings, every type of hair can be accommodated – from the thickest to the most delicate – without worry of creating damage.

Natural Style

Natures Touch has settings specifically engineered to preserve healthy hair, even when the tool is frequently used.

Professional ergonomics

The ergonomic and rounded design makes this tool easy to handle, and gives enhanced comfort in day-to-day use. Stylists won’t develop carpal tunnel, or suffer from wrist strain, with the unique design Nature’s Touch has incorporated.