The new addition to the family: 8th Sense Run


A hairdryer designed to meet hairstylists’ needs.

Elchim has always focused on making professional tools designed to meet hairstylists’ needs.

In researching and developing new products, Elchim is constantly committed to developing innovative solutions that provide a practical contribution to everyday work in hair salons.

A hairdryer is an essential tool for every hairstylist because it is used many hours a day and the end result of each styling session depends on it. It must therefore, and above all, ensure perfect drying while respecting hair and have all the features that make it easy to handle and practical to use.

This is why 8th Sense Run, the new addition to the 8th Sense range, is so special: a new generation hairdryer with an innovative, ultra-light digital brushless motor (BLDC TECHNOLOGY), offering exceptionally long-lasting results, entirely made in Italy. This highly professional tool that makes hair salon work easy it is also ideal for everyday use at home, where between family and work commitments you have increasingly less time to devote to hair care.

The 6 benefits of 8th Sense Run

1. Perfect heat control

The 8th Sense Run hairdryer has three temperatures and two speeds that allow you to always have perfect control over the drying and styling temperature while respecting all types of hair, from the most delicate to the most resistant.

2. Lightweight and fast digital BLCD motor

The type of digital BLCD (Brushless Direct Current) motor makes it ultra-light and able to work at high speed even for long periods, without the risk of overheating (it is tested for more than 5,000 working hours!). The 8th Sense RUN hairdryer is therefore extremely lightweight and allows you to complete the work in less time, even for very thick hair. This improves comfort in the workplace and reduces the likelihood of encountering the typical problems of the trade, such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

3. Healthier hair and a lower environmental impact

Another feature of the Elchim BLCD motor is the absence of carbon brushes. This results in a significant improvement in hair health and impact on the environment.

4. Ionic&Ceramic system for strong shiny hair

The Ionic & Ceramic system uses a combination of ceramic and the properties of negative ions. The ceramic allows the temperature to be perfectly maintained, avoiding harmful overheating. The emission of negative ions, instead, allows hair to dry from the inside to the outside, without drying it out and preserving its natural humidity. This not only avoids damaging it but also helps to enhance softness and shine.

5. Special filter to increase efficiency

The Elchim 8th Sense Run hairdryer also has a special back laser-cut filter. Its special shape has been carefully designed to prevent hair from being accidentally sucked into the hairdryer and to increase the volume of air involved.

6. Long life guaranteed

8th Sense Run has been designed to be long-lasting, in true Made in Italy style. First and foremost, the digital brushless motor does not require maintenance and, thanks to the absence of brushes, it has a much longer life. Moreover, the high-quality materials used and the special filter that prevents hair from being sucked into the motor further contribute to ensure incredible durability.

Efficiency, lightness and durability. By choosing the Elchim 8th Sense Run hairdryer you will have an impeccable work tool that will allow you to work better and more comfortably while fully respecting hair health.

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