Massive Attack: AMP Up The Volume With Tips From a Pro

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Beau Dieda, owner of Beau’s Studio in Los Angeles, grew up in a hairdressing family—his grandmother and aunt owned a salon in Murietta, CA, where he manned the front desk on weekends while in high school—but he wasn’t entirely certain that he’d follow in their footsteps until he was asked to resolve a crisis one Saturday afternoon. “This bride had come in to have her hair done for the wedding, but she hated it,” he explains. “My aunt told her that I was really good with hair and asked if she’d let me do something. I was only 17, but she trusted me, and when I was done she was crying but tears of joy this time.” That’s when Dieda had his aha moment. “I realized that I was good at this and I could actually help people to feel better about themselves.”

At 35, he’s still at it, but he’s also an educator who teaches at trade shows and events all over the country. His salon in Larchmont, a quaint neighborhood with an old-town shopping street, is a stone’s throw from the Hollywood sign (actress Mindy Kaling is a resident). We asked him to share tricks with us for pumping up the volume now that impeccable ‘60s blowouts and big ‘80s hair are back because, let’s face it, getting from Point A (flat, lifeless locks) to Point B (big, bouncy, voluminous waves) requires a little know-how and the right tools.


amp up volume

With designers like Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs at the forefront of an ‘80s fashion revival for Fall 2018—broad shoulders, leopard-print coats—and Moschino sending models down the runway in impeccable ‘60s blowouts, it only stands to reason that big hair would experience a rebirth as well. We’re not talking about old-school bouffants that required enough hairspray to eat a hole in the ozone layer or the roller sets favored by New York socialites or Dallas cheerleaders. We’re talking big hair with a modern edge—substantial volume and bounce to be sure but also shiny and healthy-looking

Dieda ditched the hot rollers long ago for the Elchim Thermal 1-3/4” Styling Brush. “The ceramic barrel holds and evenly distributes the heat just like hot rollers would, and it’s got a really large barrel so it creates fantastic volume,” says Dieda, who suggests using it in conjunction with the Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Dryer to execute the perfect blowout. “By using different heat settings, I can create volume in different parts of the hair without compromising the hair’s integrity. I’ve got cool, medium and high heat settings plus two airflow settings to work with, and I can adjust them depending on the texture of the hair. Let’s say I’m doing a blonde with superfine hair. You don’t want to blast fragile hair so I’d use a lower heat setting with low airflow.  On coarse, frizzy hair, I might use higher heat and high airflow.” 

paddle brush

To execute a “roller set” using the Elchim Thermal 1-3/4” Styling Brush, the Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Dryer and the Elchim Paddle Brush, follow these steps:

  1. Roll the hair all the way up and lock the hair in with the bristles right at the scalp.
  2. Hit the hair with a little high heat on a low setting.
  3. Let the section cool down before removing the brush. Work your way around the head in this fashion.
  4. Apply a little texture spray at the roots and brush out the set with the Elchim Paddle Brush. The wooden pins have antistatic properties and are positioned to glide through the hair, resulting in a long-lasting, voluminous hairstyle.


short hair

Short, layered hairstyles are also on trend, but adding a bit of volume and texture at the crown not only adds dimension to short styles but can also make fine, thin hair look thicker. Dieda uses the Natural Styler to build volume at the crown. “It’s a technique that works on textured bobs or lobs or any layered short cut,” says Dieda, who uses the rounded edge of the Natural Styler to create bend at the roots. “Everyone could use a little volume at the crown. It looks younger and fresher and makes the hair look fuller and thicker.” Not hard to get onboard when he puts it like that.


wavy hair

Yes, we’re still riding this wave epitomized by California cool girls Blake Lively and Kristin Cavallari, possibly because it’s a carefree, sexy look that’s easy to pull off. The trick is to create volume and lift in the crown and mid-lengths and finish the ends with a flat iron. Dieda recommends the Elchim Natural Styler for creating these tousled, beachy looks. “The rounded edges work like a curling iron to create lift, but the versatile tool can also be used as a traditional flat iron to finish the ends.”

Here’s how to do it yourself:

  1. Divide the hair into three sections: top, middle and bottom. Use the curved edge of the Natural Styler to roll everything on top away from the face and everything in the middle toward the face. You’ll get more volume and texture that way.
  2. When all the curls are in, bend over and toss your head while spraying some texture spray at the roots.
  3. Stand up and use your fingers to break up the curls. Use the Natural Styler like a flat iron to polish the ends, about half an inch from the bottom, to give your hair that tousled, beachy look.