3 Hairstyling Crimes You Could Be Committing!

It’s time to evaluate your hairstyling skills. Elchim is here to help you achieve your healthiest and happiest hair by putting your styling no-no’s to an end! Are you committing any of these major styling crimes?

1. You’re Blow-drying Sopping Wet Hair

Ever heard of bubble hair? It’s a condition that develops when wet hair is exposed to excessive heat. In the simplest explanation possible…the water on the inside of your hair fiber literally boils to create steam. This steam then gets trapped inside your hair in the form of a bubble (science). These bubbles create cracks and holes weakening the internal hair fiber, leaving it prone to breakage. If you have bubble hair your hair will feel rough to the touch, excessively dry, and frizzy – so stop styling your wet hair ladies!

The Fix:

When you start blow drying sopping wet hair it takes FOREVER to get your hair completely dry. Wait until your hair begins to naturally air dry beforeyou break out the blow dryer. The less time your wet hair is exposed to heat, the less damage likely to occur. The Elchim 3900 Light’s perfect combination of air flow, heat and power greatly reduces drying time. The 3900 Light is also 35% lighter in weight and light on the environment due to it’s reduced drying times – the Earth and your arm will thank you for buying one!

Added tip: Your hair is at it’s most fragile when it’s wet, so avoid brushing your hair immediately after you shower. Instead use a spritz of detangler or leave-in heat protector and gently comb through your hair.


2. You’re Sections Are Too Large

The Fix:

When you’re in a rush – and late to everything – you stuff sections of hair into your styling tools to make the process go quicker. You may think you’re being more effective, but you’re not. In order for your styling tool to work most effectively you need to select smaller strategic sections. With Elchim’s Natures Touch every type of hair gets perfectly smooth in only one pass. The two floating plates self-adapt to the hair surface and are always parallel. And it is easy to use, because it has been ergonomically developed and the heating plates have a rounded design to avoid tangling the hair – every infamously late girl’s dream.

Added tip: A lot of women straighten their hair into lifelessness. Try lifting each sections up away from the scalp instead of pulling it straight down.

3. You’re Using Styling Tools Without Temperature Control

The Fix:

* begin rant * First, everyone’s hair is created differently, so what works for one hair type does not work for all. Second, high heat does not equal great hair styles. Third, you’re committing a hair crime – put down your tools without temperature control NOW * end rant *

It is VITAL that your tools have heat control so you can tailor the temperature to fit your hair type, style and texture. Always start with the lowest temperature on a tool, and air flow for dryers, and see how it effects your hair. If you are not getting the desired results change the settings until you achieve glorious hair results. DO NOT automatically jump right to the highest heat setting! With the touch of a finger on the electronic accelerator the Elchim 8th Sense dryer can regulate temperature and air flow with infinite combinations. Not only can it regulate heat, but the 8th Sense is the very first dryer that fits all eight existing types of hair, from thick hair to thin hair, to very delicate baby fine hair, to fragile and damaged hair.

Added tip: Most stylist use a low air / high heat setting to achieve a frizz-free blowout. Reducing the air speed stops your hair from blowing all around and becoming frizzy during the drying process.

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