Hair Trends from New York Fashion Week

hair trends from new york fashion week

The Hairstyle Standouts from NYFW

The chaos of New York Fashion Week has finally come to a calm. While the models, designers and stylists may have flown the coop, there’s no doubt the hairstyles seen walking down the Spring 2019 runways are here for the long haul. As usual, it was anything goes. From the just-out-of-the-shower look at Proenza Schouler to the ’90s supermodel-inspired wearable texture at Jeremy Scott to the chic, shiny braids at Cushnie et Ochs, the hairstyles this season certainly didn’t disappoint. Here, we rounded up some of our favorite trends that we think you’ll also be sure to swoon over.

Whimsical Romance

Fairytales aren’t just for children. The proof, it’s in the pudding. Adorned with real roses, the dream-like hairstyle at Rodarte literally took our breath away. While you might not find the look suitable for everyday wear, we think come wedding or festival season it’s sure to be a showstopper. The key to emulating this look: imperfection. You heard us right—it’s meant to look disheveled. Since the goal is to make hair look as natural as possible, you’ll first want create a soft, organic wave pattern using Elchim’s Natures Touch. Once you’ve crafted the haphazard curls, either loosely braid the hair or twist it into a messy updo. Finish the look by weaving in fresh roses and securing the hair and florals with pins.

Sleek Sophistication

hair trends from new york fashion week

It’s no secret that supermodel sisters Bella and Gigi Hadid are fashionista influencers. It’s pretty much a done deal that when they rock a new style it will be a coveted trend. Case in point: the clean, low ponytail the duo donned at Oscar de la Renta. Inspired by a minimalist traveler consumed by wanderlust, this effortless look isn’t just for jetsetters. From wowing co-workers to dressing up for a black-tie event, it’s sure to be a hit no matter where you go. To get this look, you’ll first want to roughly blow-dry your hair using Elchim’s 8thSense. Next, prep the hair with a smoothing lotion and then use Elchim’s Natures Touch to straighten the hair in sections. Once the hair is pin straight, create a sharp, center part and secure it into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck with an elastic band. For an ultra-polished finish, take a small piece of hair from underneath the ponytail and wrap it around to hide the elastic and add a spritz of hairspray to tame flyaways and hold the design in place.

Unstructured Waves

When you first head out for a night out on the town your hair might be a little too perfect, only settling into a more relaxed style once you’ve danced the night away. Such was the inspiration for the hair at Nicole Miller. In our opinion, this end-of-the-night look works for any time of the day! To ensure your hair looks uber-natural, you’ll want to use your hands—not a comb—to craft a deep side part. Next, use Elchim’s Natures Touch to curl your hair section by section while directing hair forward and creating figure-8 shapes on top of the iron. Once the hair has set, starting at the back of the head softly brush the curls out with Elchim’s Paddle Brush. Voila! Undone, airy, bouncy curls that work for day or night.

Vacation Hair

Sure, summer just ended but you’re probably already dreading the cold winter months ahead and starting to daydream about your next sunny vacation. The just-off-the-beach look at Prabal Gurung will surely transport you to your next getaway, even if it’s only a pipedream for now. The secret to the sexy yet weathered look is to make the style look effortless and to create a juxtaposition of matte and shiny textures. You’ll first want to prep damp hair with mousse from roots to tips and then use Elchim’s 8thSense to roughly blow-dry hair while twisting pieces to craft waves. Next, mist hair with a salt spray to get beachy matte texture and then blow-dry your hair again using Elchim’s 8thSense. For shine, spritz hair with a flexible sugar spray and then secure it into a low ponytail at the back of the head. Pull out a few small sections of hair at the hairline and then split the ponytail in half, twisting the top half into a figure 8 and pinning it at the top and sides and the bottom half into an unkempt chignon. Remember, it shouldn’t look perfect. The messier, the better.