Four Unique Styles for Men in 2017

Great hair styles and impeccable styling tools aren’t just for women – in recent years we’ve seen an impressive shift in creative cuts from men. Gone are the days of sporting a plain buzzed skin fade or traditional business cut. Instead, modern updates on classic looks and interesting twists on natural textures are ushering in a whole new era in men’s styles.

We encourage men to be as innovative as possible, but here are four looks for 2017 that we’re in love with.


A short textured haircut with a messy look.

TO GET THE LOOK: Use one of your favorite Elchim blow dryers paired with a wide diameter thermal brush to straighten and dry hair before working pomade through the ends.

Source: Robert Braid



A medium-length haircut with styled curls.


TO GET THE LOOK: This is a stellar look for men with natural curls. Use Elchim’s Cocoon Diffuser with your favorite Elchim blow dryer to get perfectly disconnected curls on top with minimal frizz and effort. This works well for longer hair as well.

Source: Christopher @ Blendz Barbershop & Lorenzo Diaz.



A longer style with a natural flow


TO GET THE LOOK: Many stylists are trending toward longer cuts with plenty of movement. Men with straight hair can achieve this look using your favorite Elchim blow dryer and thermal brush. However, men with wavy or curly hair may want to take a second step using the Elchim styler tool ensure a polished look.

Source: Viroga’s Barbershop



A longer style with long fringe


TO GET THE LOOK: Separate hair into bigger chunks, then style using your favorite Elchim blow dryer and a medium diameter thermal brush. Start with back sections, brushing straight back. Once you get to the front sections, pull a few strands over to the side as you blow dry for added movement and dimension. Keep the style smooth, or add some texture with a medium hold pomade.

Source: The Sugar Skulls Loft & Robert Braid


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