Festival Inspired Summer Hairstyles

It’s officially summer concert season! This year’s performances have been out of this world, but luckily for us festival hairstyles were brought back to Earth. Here are our favorite festival looks that are here to stay all summer long:

glitter, Glitter, GLITTER

Glitter roots aren’t just for festivals or the next 90’s themed party it’s the perfect accessory to any hair style, especially a bohemian braid. The secret to pulling off this style is to mix a chunky style of glitter with a stiff gel to paint the glitter onto the hair roots rather than pouring without precision. Start with damp hair and curl-dry your hair with Elchim’s 24mm Thermal Brush to create large undone beachwaves. Begin braiding the front section of hair on each side until they are long enough to connect in the center of the back of your head. Combine both braids into one single braid. Use a small brush, (an old foundation brush works perfect) to spread your glitter and gel mixture no more than inch away from your part. This stunning hairstyle will last throughout the night and wash out easily when the party’s over.


We are LOVING the variations of this style; high-buns, low-buns, half down, even braided! To get this creative look, part your hair down the middle and put your hair into two pigtails. You can make them high on your head, or lower on the side of your nape. For more volume, use Elchims’ Natures Touch to create infinite interpretations of curls and hair waves thanks to styler versatility and the rounded shapes. Tease the curls and twist into a rope. The tighter the twist, the sleeker and smaller your space bun will result. Coil the twisted rope up around the base of the ponytail and secure with a hair tie or bobby pins. Repeat the process on the second bun. Mist the buns with hair spray for an ultimate hold.


Flower crowns are SO last season, this summer is all about the braided crown. This is the cutest hairstyle to stay cool (literally and figuratively). There are a few different braids you could use but we prefer using the dutch braid. To begin, part your hair into two even sections. Starting with your left side, at your nap, dutch braid and work your way up to the beginning of your part. Pull out desired strands to compliment your face. Finish the braid and secure with a hair tie. Next, start your second dutch braid on right side, at the beginning of your part, and work your way down, finishing the braid and secure with a hair tie. The last step is securing the braids into place with bobby pins. Wrap the left braid up and around, tuck the end under the begining of the right braid, secure. Then, wrap the right braid down and around, tuck the end under the begining of the left braid, and secure. Pull the edges of the dutch braid to add more volume. This hairstyle can be used no matter what hair length you have. We are thrilled it’s here just in time for summer.