The Importance of Energy Efficiency – Be “Greener” with Elchim

With savvy shoppers focusing as much on environmental impact as ease-of-use, product manufacturers are tapping into new technology to deliver both options together. Our latest blow dryer, 8thSense, speaks to the most discriminatory user by offering the unrivaled ability to address all eight hair types in a single dryer while utilizing the most advanced energy savings technology on the market.


Though it may sound like marketing hype, the importance of energy efficient styling tools – to both the user and the environment – is undeniable. As the green movement continues to sweep the nation, it’s worth taking a closer look at the benefits.



It’s no secret that heat can cause immense damage to hair – sometimes turning hair into a rigid, brittle mess instead of creating those coveted styles.


This is because blow drying uses incredible amounts of power to quickly pull unwanted moisture from the hair. But often, these high settings strip hair of natural moisture as well, causing it to break off at the ends. Thus the higher the wattage on your blow dryer, the stronger the heat and ultimately the more damage done to your hair. Not to mention styles don’t last as long on over-dried hair since environmental moisture returns natural texture to dry hair and is often the culprit to styles falling flat or becoming frizzy.


The 8thSense blow dryer kicks out 2100 watts of power to accommodate styles that need the extra push. However, it also offers a low-energy setting that produces a mere 300 watts of power. By focusing energy into the airflow for perfect air concentration, 8thSense can create outstanding styles at even the lowest settings to leave hair shiny, healthy and gorgeous.



Even using something as small as a hair dryer can have a significant impact on the environment when not selected with care. The average 2000 watt blow dryer used for just 30 minutes a day might not seem like it’s using a significant amount of energy, but the effects add up over time. Within a year, the emissions from this daily use would be the equivalent use of 29 gallons of gas consumed, 274 pounds of coal burned or 615 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle according to the EPA Calculator. Reducing the settings on your Elchim blow dryer to the 300 watt option reduces this to 8 gallons of gas consumed, 75 pounds of coal burned and 168 miles driven by the average passenger vehicle – a significant environmental savings! Over a lifetime, you’ve done a considerable service for the world.



High heat producing tools consume a lot of energy to work. And while you may only be using your hair dryer for 10-30 minutes a day, the savings add up once you make the switch.


Using the same calculations as before, your 2000 watt blow dryer could cost you between $30-100 a year more than using an energy efficient version. And though it may not sound like a significant expense, that’s money that could be spent enjoying a glamorous night out, a massage at the spa or a luxurious pedicure. Make the switch, and use the savings to give yourself a well-earned treat.


You can find Elchim’s 8thSense dryer at fine salons and professional retailers nationwide.


Elchim’s 8thSense in Milky Mint
Elchim’s 8thSense in Milky Mint