Emerging Trends from Cosmoprof North America 2019

More than 1,400 companies from 43 countries converged in Las Vegas this July for Cosmoprof North America where more than a few beauty trends emerged. Cosmoprof released a trend report by global beauty industry reference Beautystreams that listed blue-green algae, smart adaptogens, vegan products and zero-waste packaging as four trends to watch, so let’s unpack those first.

Not surprisingly, eco-conscious products were huge, from a shampoo shaped like a bar of soap (talk about zero-waste packaging) to moisturizers using blue-green algae and spirulina to treat signs of aging. Vegan beauty products are also having a moment. The trend is being driven by millennials, a quarter of whom identify as vegan or vegetarian according to the Economist. So to qualify as vegan, a product must be cruelty-free (no testing on animals allowed), non-toxic and contain no animal products like lanolin, honey, beeswax or gelatin.

8thSense RUN



Always on the cutting edge of technology, Elchim introduced RUN, the latest innovation in the 8th Sense line of digital tools to dry and style all types of hair, from the thickest to the most delicate. The ultra-light and whisper-quiet dryer with ionic and ceramic technology has a brushless digital motor that features BLDC technology and was tested for more than 5,000 hours of use. The removable laser-cut filter also keeps hair from getting sucked into the dryer, which significantly extends motor life.

Elchim has created outstanding tools for beauty professionals since 1945, and RUN is the latest product innovation introduced by the company this year, joining the 8th Sense Digital Styler with 11 adjustable temperatures for every hair type and the Elchim Mini, a professional-grade, effective dryer in a lightweight, travel-friendly size.

Hemp Beauty CBD Collection


An emerging trend at the show was also products with CBD oil (cannabidiol), which is being touted for its anti-inflammatory properties, vitamins A, D and E, and essential fatty acids and is showing up in skin care and hair care products. The target market includes Gen Xers, who are most willing to try CBD-infused products, followed by millennials and finally baby boomers.

The Coresight Research team was in Las Vegas for Cosmoprof North America this July. One of their findings was that brands are offering “farm-to-shelf transparency by placing QR codes on packaging and more detailed information on ingredients” since consumers are demanding validation and certification that ingredients are legitimate.

Other trends spotted on the show floor include dipped nails, treatment shields to prevent harmful UVA and UVB exposure after cosmetic treatments or during gel manicures, and biodegradable glitter, which eliminates the harmful environmental side effects of traditional glitter. Sustainability has finally gone mainstream. Meanwhile, one innovative approach to hair loss (a helmet that features laser technology that claims to stimulate hair growth) bears mentioning.

David Stanko and Sue Pemberton, two of the industry’s top colorists, walked the show floor for us and reported their findings. Stanko noticed that there didn’t seem to be much of a barbering presence this year, which might herald a sea change. The entrepreneurial and indie spirit, however, was alive and well. “I saw a lot of new coloring widgets and accessories at the show,” he says. “One company had a coloring board with a removable ring so you can adjust it to be more comfortable in your hand when you’re doing balayage or foils.”

Pemberton was keen on a new line of hair color from Italy that included 80 shades and processed in just 10 minutes. “What makes this brand unique is that they have a developer than can make all 80 shades demi-permanent,” she says. “I think this product could be a game changer.”

As always, Elchim is on the cutting-edge with the best-in-class tools and technologies for our customers!