Elchim’s Take on Easter Hairstyle

Spring is in the air, and Easter is right around the corner! This year, don’t stock up on chocolate and candy. Forget the mess that dying eggs makes. Instead, we have a colorful bouquet of blow dryers that will satisfy every hair-obsessed individual out there – inspired by the gorgeous colors of the season.

Elchim 2001

A true classic that has redefined the high-end market worldwide, the Elchim 2001 Dryer is the two-time winner of the prestigious “Allure Best” prize, as well being recognized as the best hair dryer according to Life & Style, and the Best Beauty Buy for InStyle USA. And thanks to the reliable efficiency that’s become the longstanding reputation of Elchim, the 2001 Dryer model has been adopted by many stylists and schools around the world! Create everything from innovative runway styles to a chic look that’s office ready in just a fraction of the time using this incredible model that defines the ideal balance between heat, airflow and pressure to ensure your locks are always shiny and well-managed.

Pictured in Pinky Pink & White.



3900 Titanium

Dedicated to those who want a professional hair dryer that is a creation of Italian design that they can use with pride. The artisan “mirror” finish is just the clothing on this hair dryer: the real beauty is hidden inside, where technology delivers excellent performance in terms of heat, power, balance and noise. The technology is advanced, yet delicate enough to respect the hair’s wellbeing while at the same time reducing styling time thanks to the ionic-ceramic system, which increases hydration and shine. With its electromagnetic wave protection system (LOW EMF), the 3900 Titanium has won numerous awards, such as the best professional hair dryer in 2014 and 2015, making it one of Elchim’s best iconic products.

Pictured in Gunmetal Titanium

Elchim 3900 Daisy

Thanks to the right combination of air flow, heat and power (2400 W at 240 V) the 3900 professional hair dryer reduces drying time by more than 30%. Quiet, light weight and perfectly balanced, its air flow hydrates and makes hair glossy, eliminating static electricity thanks to the ionic ceramic system. This option also includes the electromagnetic wave protection system (LOW EMF). Using the most ergonomic design available, you’ll experience the utmost comfort while preserving hair integrity and shine.




Elchim 3900 Light

The 3900 Light weights in about 35% less and still has more than enough power that allows this professional hair dryer to create perfect styles in half the time and leaves hair shiny, thanks to the ionic ceramic system. It’s also “light” on the environment, thanks to its quick drying speed, which reduces energy consumption, and the recyclable materials it’s made from. Includes the electromagnetic wave protection system (LOW EMF).

Pictured in Fifties Blue & Imperial Jade

Designed with specific airflow and temperature controls to address the needs of all eight hair types in one dryer, the Elchim 8thSense is the first dryer on the market to provide everything stylists need with just the touch of a finger. At the heart of 8thSense is a motor controlled by a power regulator that adjusts infinite combinations of heat and air flow. It is such an intuitive system that neither interfaces nor displays are needed – your fingers know exactly what they’re doing.






stylists have fallen in love with elchim 8thSense

The 8thSense motor is so revolutionary that has been developed for reduced electricity consumption. This is due to an advanced adjustable power setting from 300 Watts to 2,100 Watts (at 240 V) and the perfect air concentration to create the perfect style every time. The settings even work on the lowest power selection. 8thSense is energy efficient, has low electrical consumption and thus it is good for the environment – and the salon!

Pictured in Mint Green.

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