Elchim’s Short Hair Style Guide

Ladies with long locks don’t get to have all the fun! Even if your style is on the shorter side, there are still plenty of options for beautiful hair. You just need the right tools and a few simple tricks to have all heads turning your way.

Elchim presents the short hair style guide to get your Spring season started in the right direction!


This layered bob is the perfect look for angular faces. If straight hair is your natural style, grab your favorite Elchim flat iron, and give your wrist a little twist to create a gentle waving action throughout the top layers of hair.Elchim’s Short Hair Style Guide



Curly haired girls, this one’s for you! If hair is naturally curly, flip hair upside down and blast your roots with Elchim’s Cocoon Diffuser for extra volume and perfectly segmented curls. If hair is naturally straight, and you’re looking for a fun twist, use Elchim’s 19mm curling iron to place strategic corkscrew curls throughout your luscious locks.

Elchim’s Short Hair Style Guide


Sleek and chic, this Victoria’s Secret model demonstrates how fierce a short, straight bob can be. To get the look, part hair straight down the middle, then dry in sections using your favorite Elchim hair dryer and thermal brush. To get the extra polish on this style, run a straightener over the top layer of hair

Elchim blowdryers - the short hair guide


Taylor Swift gives us a great tousled style with feathery bangs for a sweet, spring look. To get the style, straighten hair using your favorite Elchim blow dryer and thermal brush, then introduce gentle curls with the 32mm curling iron.Elchim’s Short Hair Style Guide


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