Elchim’s Guide to Creating Big Curls

There’s something sexy and glamorous about having full, voluminous and big curls. They’re the perfect accessory for both a casual outfit or a fun night out. Creating big curls that last are easier said than done at times, but with Elchim’s guide and styling tools you’ll get picture perfect curls every time.

Step 1:

Using your Elchim Paddle Brush, divide dry hair into three sections and clip it securely to your head out of the way. Starting at the nape of the neck, pull one inch sections of hair loose, then wrap it around your Elchim Curling Iron or Healthy Wand, moving in a direction away from your face. Repeat until all hair has been curled.

Step 2:

Now it’s time to work with each individual curl. Select a curl to start with, then hold it by the tail of the curl while twisting it away from your face.

Step 3:

While still pinching the curl, gently tease the hair by pulling up towards the root with your fingers. Repeat this until every curl has been teased. Spray each curl individually when finished with a medium hold hairspray.

Step 4:

Flipping head over, shake curls and roots with fingers while generously spraying with hairspray to create volume. Smooth any unruly fly-aways and enjoy your style!

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