Elchim’s Guide to Beachy Waves

It doesn’t have to be a blazing hot summer day to crave a luxuriously casual style. Beachy waves are in no matter the time of year. And they can be yours in minutes with this simple to follow guide.


Step 1:

Create a section at the top of your head and clip hair securely out of the way.


Step 2:

Using large, uneven sections, hold your Elchim Curling Iron or Healthy Wand pointed down and wrap hair around the rod. Leave the end out as you wrap so that only the middle of the strand gets curled. By using sections that aren’t the same size each time, your hair will get a very natural look. Continue this until you reach the sections of hair that are parallel to your cheekbones.


Step 3:

Once you reach the hair at your cheekbones, only wrap the hair to the middle of the strand, or just below your ear. Don’t go any higher, or the style will look too contrived. Note: This step is especially important for those with a narrow face.


Step 4:

Once the wave is created, allow it to cool untouched for approximately 10 minutes. After it cools, spray the hair with a texture spray.


Step 5:

Flip your head over and apply the texture spray to underneath layers as well. Using fingers, shake hair rigorously before flipping head back and smoothing curls into place.