Elchim Tools + Vintage Techniques = Your Best Blow-Dry Ever

We’re throwing it back on the last day of 2017 – all the way back to the ultimate 1990’s blow-out. We are paying homage to the late Tim Casey and the insane (but ridiculously successful) blow-dry technique he developed in his NYC Sherry-Netherland Hotel salon. No matter the humidity, temperature, or hair type we guarantee you’ll wish you knew about this technique since the 90’s (good hair starts at early age).

Side note: Allure dubbed Tim Casey the “hair doctor” for this technique.

What You Need:

  1. Elchim’s Healthy Iconic 3900 to reduce your drying time up to 30% AND close your hair follicles while you dry for a shiny boost. The powerful ionic-ceramic feature bolsters shine while eliminating static.
  2. Six to eight round Elchim ceramic brushes designed to distribute heat evenly and reduce static associated with thermal shock. The ceramic design helps close delicate hair follicles, keeping hair shiny and damage free for longer-lasting style and color. Professional-grade bristles are temperature resistant and engineered for tangle-free hair – very important for this method!
  3. Elchim wide-tooth detangling comb or detangling brush


What You Do:

  1. After your shower, wrap wet hair with a soft towel to remove excess water.
  2. Remove the detachable nozzle & set your Elchim 3900 to the highest settings, flip your head over and begin drying at the nape area (which usually takes the longest to dry), dry for a minute or two.
  3. Apply favorite detangling or leave-in product and being to detangle your hair using either Elchim wide-tooth detangling comb or detangling brush.
  4. Section your hair into 6 equal sections (or 8 if you we’re graced with thick and long hair)
  5. Starting in the front, slowly brush the first section from the scalp upwards away from the face (be careful to keep the section on the brush) and blow for 15 seconds using the most powerful setting and attached nozzle.
  6. Turn the Elchim 3900 off and again brush the section upwards but use both hands to gently roll the section around the brush from the ends to roots. Next move the 3900 completely around the section and blow-dry that section on the lower setting for 30-45 seconds. Making sure the brush is secure, let it stay in your hair (yes, we know you look ridiculous).
  7. Repeat on both side sections using the same method with the next 2 brushes, make sure to let each section cool around the brush & do not remove the brushes.
  8. Working towards the back upper-crown section, use Elchim’s largest round brushes for the top upper-crown. Repeat the above technique, letting the brush stay atop the head (the more brushes the better you look). Conquer remaining lower sections with preferred-sized brushes around the napeand let rest.
  9. Take the next few minutes to enjoy an espresso, apply makeup and brush your teeth.
  10. Test for dampness using your fingers making sure each section is completely dry, then hit each section with a cool air blast from the 3900.
  11. Starting in the front, gently lift the brush upwards and away from the scalp, uncurling each brush with a gentle pull and a light twist of the wrist **its all about the flick of the wrist**. Repeat with each section.
  12. Avoid brushing your hair out! Use clean, dry fingers to maneuver pieces into fabulous perfection & make sure to wait until the next morning to brush or comb

ADDED TIP: If hair is short-to-medium length, you’re set. For frizz-prone or product-adverse hair, try this trick: repeat troublesome sections after getting dressed **HAIR FLIP**

Final Thoughts

When commuting by car, use the time to let hair set even longer, waiting until the very last minute to remove each brush. This might result in inquisitive looks from other drivers, but the outcome is so well worth it!


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