Elchim Reviews Top Summer Hair Woes

And offers solutions to fix them all!

Yes, we love summer and the carefree styles the season inspires. While it is the perfect occasion to enjoy beachy waves and endless days sipping Pina Coladas waterside, the over-exposure to heat, humidity, salt water and chlorine can take its toll on your pristine locks. Before you know it, your hair is flat, fried and faded.

Not to worry! Elchim has the quick- fix for summer’s top three hair woes.


The combination of chlorine and salt can sap moisture from delicate follicles, and roughen the cuticles. Not to mention the added heat leaves hair dry and brittle, while excess product buildup and sweat can dull hairs’ natural shine.

The solution? Wash hair using a clarifying shampoo and moisture-filled mask. This will strip hair of unwanted product buildup. Next, after thoroughly blow drying hair until there’s no moisture left, run a flat iron – like Nature’s Touch by Elchim – over the full length of hair. This will polish and seal rough cuticles to restore shine and natural body.


Curly-haired girls across the nation know that when the humidity rises at the peak of summer, the extra moisture in the air can lead to uncontrollable frizz. Leave the buns and braids at home this season. Instead, blow dry your hair completely with your favorite tool, like Elchim’s bright 3900 Daisy, to rid hair of excess water. Then apply your favorite anti-frizz serum to keep moisture at bay.


Alternatively, dry heat can zap the moisture right out of hair! This causes the hair to become limp and fall flat, leaving you with less than glamorous results. Next time you find yourself pulling that blow dryer out to create a style, spritz your roots with a volumizing spray first, then blast it with the cool setting to create a style that will last all day and into the night.

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