Elchim Reveals New Products at Exclusive Press Event in Milan

On Monday, April 3rd, scores of beauty editors eagerly gathered for a one-of-a-kind press event, hosted by Elchim.

Set against the chic backdrop at Virgola Salon in the heart of Milan, Elchim revealed the beauty and elite technology behind their most advanced product, the 8thSense. Displaying the gorgeous array of colors that the blow dryer is available in – including the limited edition Milky Mint that was released to honor Elchim’s 70th anniversary – Elchim provided an intimate look into both the function and feel of the elaborate, yet stylist-friendly, equipment.

Designed with specific airflow and temperature controls to address the needs of all eight hair types in one dryer, the Elchim 8thSense is the first on the market to provide everything stylists need with just the touch of a finger. At the heart of 8thSense is a motor controlled by a power regulator that adjusts infinite combinations of heat and air flow. It is such an intuitive system that neither interfaces nor displays are needed – your fingers know exactly what they’re doing.

The 8thSense motor is so revolutionary that has been developed for reduced electricity consumption, due to an advanced adjustable power setting from 300 Watts to 2,100 Watts (at 240 V) and the right air concentration to create the perfect style every time. The settings even work on the lowest power selection. 8thSense is energy efficient and has low electrical consumption, thus making it good for the environment – and the salon!

Also in the lineup for a reveal was their newest product to hit the shelves, the Nature’s Touch styling wand, which is characterized by its “healthy” technology and elegant design.

With heat settings ranging from 95°C to 235°C (203°F – 455°F), and a total of 11 settings, Naure’s Touch covers any possible need, guarantying the right treatment for every existing type of hair. This enables stylists to use less passes over the hair, thereby avoiding unnecessary stress on delicate hair cuticles.

With Nature’s Touch, every type of hair gets perfectly smooth in only one pass. The two floating plates self-adapt to the hair surface, and are always parallel. Thanks to the HIT technology (High & Instant Temperature), Nature’s Touch generates the desired temperature in just 17 seconds keeping constant and uniform heat all over the plates. And it is easy to use, because it has been ergonomically developed and the heating plates have a rounded design to avoid tangling the hair.

Beauty editors throughout Milan were in awe, as will you be once you’ve tried these unprecedented tools.