Elchim on the Perils Over-Drying Hair

We all love those beautiful, sleek styles and soft romantic curls. But daily blow drying can take a toll on delicate follicles if you aren’t using the right blow dryer with the proper heat setting.

Here’s why: Each strand of your hair is basically a tube with an inner cortex and a protective outer layer (also called a cuticle) that’s held together by delicate proteins. When the cuticle is intact, the hair is shiny and strong. But heat can damage the cuticle by trapping water inside the cortex and causing it to boil. And this happens all the time because not all blow dryers are created equal, nor do they all utilize the advanced, infrared technology that’s at the core of Elchim dryers. Elchim’s technology allows hair to be dried from the inside out, so there’s no concern about hair becoming dry from over-processing.

Blow drying should ultimately be gentle on hair, increasing shine and luster to any style. It’s important to look for one that’s right for your type of hair, and that can provide the optimal amount of heat without going overboard. Keep in mind that high heat is preferable for thick, coarse hair while a lower setting will work best for thin or fragile strands.

“There are a few key factors to ensure you don’t over-dry hair. It’s important that the cuticle be fully closed when applying heat so it doesn’t over dry.” Explains celebrity hairstylist Oscar Blandi. “So I always apply heat protectants to clients before blow drying. They are easy to use at home as well. Think of it like makeup, you have to apply the foundation so that everything else will work. Also, use a great dryer like Elchim 8th Sense and control the temperature – you do not need the highest setting all the time!”

The Elchim 8thSense is the very first dryer that addresses all eight existing types of hair, from thick hair to thin hair, baby fine strands and even fragile damaged hair. With the touch of a finger on the electronic accelerator, the 8thSense dryer can regulate temperature and air flow with infinite combinations so you can be assured your hair is always in prime condition.

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