Elchim Natures Touch – Party Looks in Under 10 Minutes

Prepping for a party can be stressful – what appetizer should you bring, do you bring a gift for the host, what dress should you wear? Don’t panic! Elchim has your party hair stresses covered. Here are two of the most party-perfect hairstyles in under 10 minutes. (And we’re sure you’ll look fabulous no matter what you wear)

What you need:

  1. Elchim Natures Touch
  2. Elchim Detangling Brush
  3. Ponytail holder
  4. Your favorite heat protectant spray
  5. Your favorite hairspray



What to do:

  1. Thoroughly brush out your hair – it’s super important to have tangle free hair for this styling technique – and apply heat protectant spray
  2. Beginning with the hair closest to your face*, select a 3 inch section and pull the hair out away from you face *if you have thick hair we recommend preforming this styling technique in layers, starting at the bottom layer and working your way up
  1. With the ceramic plates facing up & your 4 fingers facing front (thumb facing back), clamp the hair section then rotate the flat iron back away from your face so your thumb is now facing out
  2. Slowly slide the flat iron down your hair maintaining the position with your thumb facing out and your hair being pulled away from your face, release the hair section just before you get to the end and you should have a beautiful curl!
  3. Repeat the technique throughout your hair being sure to always curl away from your face – you’ll need to switch hands when you curl the other side
  4. Run your finger through your hair to break up the curls and finish with hairspray for perfectly simple curls


What to do:

  1. Thoroughly brush out your hair and apply heat protectant spray **Yay! for healthy hair**
  2. Split your hair into 2 or 3 equal sections depending on the thickness of your hair, leave one section loose and clip the other sections back
  3. Split the larger section again into 2 smaller sections and create 2 twisted cords by holding onto the ends of your hair and twisting away from your face. Then twists the 2 smaller cords into 1 large cord – all the twist should be going the same direction
  4. Set your Elchim Natures Touch to a higher temperature than you typically use to style your hair, holding onto the end of your twist tightly clamp the top of you twist with the flat iron and hold for a few seconds, work your way from top to bottom (if you have thick hair you should go over your hair twice)
  5. Wait for your twists to completely cool before releasing the end, run your fingers through the twists to give them a natural undone look
  6. Repeat the technique on your other hair sections, finish with hairspray and strut out the door to your party

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