Elchim Gift Guide: Season of Giving [You Healthy Hair]

Looking for a gift to give to someone special – whether it’s your mom, sister, brother, BFF, or hairdresser – in your life? Don’t panic. We have some gift giving hairspiration for you! Keep everyone’s hair on point in 2018 with our Elchim Gift Guide to healthy and happy hair  **que Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas **

 Elchim 900 Venetian Rose Gold
professional hairdryer

For the fabulous girly-girl who loves pink. Elchim’s already acclaimed 3900 Series of blow dryers now has a special edition Venetian Rose Gold color and it is ah-mazing. Made in Milan, the world’s fashion and design capital, the Elchim 3900 was destined to be the most beautiful professional dryer manufactured (and it is). The rose gold is just the clothing on this hair dryer: the real beauty is hidden inside. Elchim’s technology delivers excellent performance to scientifically make your silky smooth and eliminate static electricity. Did I mention it also reduces drying time by 30%?! **gift of gym membership required to gain strength back in blow-drying arm** You might want to buy two so you can keep one for yourself!

Bonus Gift: Cocoon Defuser

If you’re feeling extra generous the Cocoon Defuser and Elchim 3900 make the perfect pair for achieving fabulously voluminous hair.


Natures Touch Styler

For the natural beauty. Damage from heat styling is a concern for everyone, but Elchim’s Natures Touch styler is specifically engineered to preserve healthy hair even when you frequently expose your hair to heat. Cool – but it’s just a straightener? WRONG! Elchim’s Natures Touch is styling tool that can let you create everything from Instagram worthy waves to sleek strands. With its curved-edge design and two floating plates to ensure uniform heat distribution, this styler makes it even easier to create a variety of different styles.

Bonus gift: Detangling Brush

Keep your gal pal’s hair extra healthy with Elchim’s Detangling Brush – detangle hair without all the tugging, ripping, tearing, and ultimate damage.


8th Sense Red Lipstick

For the stylish mom, aspiring hairdresser, and everyone in-between. Elchim’s 8thSense in Red Lipstick is a one-of-a-kind dryer perfect for anyone who loves healthy and happy hair. At the heart of the 8thSense blow dryer is a unique motor controlled by a power regulator that allows 36 heat and speed settings to accommodate all types of hair – thick hair, thinning hair, ethnic hair and the fine hair of a child. Quite, powerful and gentle on your hair…what else could you ask for? And trust us, the Red Lipstick is the perfect shade of red for any woman.

Bonus Gift: 1-3/4” Brush

Every blow-out queen (we all know one) needs a go-to round brush. The Elchim 8th Sense and 1-3/4” Brush are the perfect match made in hairstyling heaven.