Elchim Family History

The founders, Riccardo and Egle Chiminello

Elchim has been a family-owned business since it was founded in 1945 by two siblings with a vision. Egle and Riccardo Chiminello were not hairdressers themselves, but they knew some of the most talented hairdressers in Italy, who supported their efforts to create the first hair dryer for professional use. These charismatic siblings learned all they could about managing air flow and reducing drying time, which was a complete revolution for beauty professionals at the time, who had been using home appliances that were unsuited to performing professional blowouts as we know them today.

At first, the company was called Fratelli Chiminello, but in the late 1950s the name was changed to Elchim, an acronym for Electroprofessional Chiminello. Since the beginning, Elchim products have been made in Italy to rigorous standards, using the latest available technology and focusing on ergonomics. At Elchim, hairdressers are widely regarded as the “kings and queens,” whose input is an essential part of the development process. We listen to them and observe them. What position are their hands in? How do they use their fingers? What effect are they trying to achieve? Once our prototypes are ready, we make them available to a group of educators, who test things like performance and ergonomics before offering valuable feedback. Every new product we introduce takes at least 15 months to bring to market because, like a Stradivarius for a violinist, our hair dryers, flat irons and other tools are crafted to the highest standards and designed to work perfectly and last forever.

Today, Roberto and Luca Sabbatini, Egle Chiminello’s son and grandson, are at the helm of the company that has a presence in 48 countries. Fiercely proud of being Milanese, design and fashion is in their DNA, and their promise is that they will always be by your side listening to you because for this family, hairdressing is not just a job; it’s a passion.