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Every parent of a young child can appreciate the daily battle of not disturbing naps times during noisy chores, or styling their hair for the day ahead. But few hair dryers offer the benefit of being equipped with innovative technology that supports noise reduction, or heat levels that are gentle enough for the whole family. Elchim’s 8thSense hair dryer is a one-of-a-kind solution that parents of young children everywhere will want to learn more about.


Innovative Technology

At the heart of the 8thSense blow dryer is a unique motor controlled by a power regulator that allows 36 heat and speed settings to accommodate all types of hair. In fact, the system is so intuitive that interfaces and displays are simply not needed –fingers will already know exactly what they’re doing! This saves time and brain power for busy moms on the go.


Noise Sensitivity

Elchim’s 8thSense blow dryer is the quietest dryer on the market! Thanks to the special structure of the back filter that acts as a built-in silencer to break the sound wave, anyone can style their hair while talking on the phone. In fact, it’s so quiet that it can be used right next to a sleep child without ever waking them up. So now parents can keep an eye on their little ones while still giving their appearance the attention they deserve. Some parents have even expressed gratitude for the device, since they finally have a solution for children who tend to be hyper-responsive to noise, a condition affecting approximately 65% of those who identify with Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Gentle Heat

Elchim’s 8thSense blow dryer is the first dryer that addresses the specific air flow and temperature for all eight types of hair that exist – including baby fine hair! At its lowest heat and air flow setting, the 8thSense is perfectly safe to use on the youngest in the family without causing damage to hair or skin. The efficiency of this device makes it easier to reproduce all those trendy hair styles so every picture is post-worthy!


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