Easy, Festival-Ready Hairstyles to Rock Your World

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With Coachella coming up in a couple of weeks, festival season is officially under way, and you know what that means. Get ready for glitter roots, ornate headbands, flower crowns and unicorn hair. Los Angeles-based celebrity stylist Beau Dieda has done his share of festival hair for his Coachella-bound clients, and we asked him to share three of his favorite festival-ready hairstyles with us. 

elchim diary

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  1. Sleek and Super-Straight So many of the hairstyles we see on the festival circuit are inspired by the hippie movement of the 1960’s, from boho waves to stacked braids, but this look pays homage to Cher, Joan Baez and actress Peggy Lipton, whose long hair fell stick-straight from a center part. To get the look, blow-dry the hair with the Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Dryer and a round brush with the largest barrel you can find. I like the Elchim Thermal 1.75-inch Round Brush. The look you’re going for is super-straight, so you don’t want to put any bend in the hair at all. I apply a little Keratin Complex Intense Rx Active Keratin Repair Serum to make the hair look super-sleek and shiny. To add flair to this look, apply colored glitter on either side of the center part. Or, affix acrylic gems, rhinestones or pearls on either side of the part, using hair glue created specifically for bonding hair extensions to natural hair. Another option is to look for a headband embellished with gemstones that were all over the runway this season.

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2. Chunky, Smaller Braids Let’s face it, braids have become a staple at music festivals, from Bonnaroo to BottleRock, but they don’t have to be elaborate.  One of the looks I like is partial French braid tied off with elastic in back so some of the hair hangs out. First, you want to blow-dry the hair with the Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Dryer and a round brush to create lots of volume. Then use a sea salt spray to give the hair a nice, gritty texture. Now divide the hair into four sections and pull each one through the Elchim Natures Touch so you get nice, loose curl. The natural styler lets you create curls or soft, natural waves with just one pass. Create a loose, messy fishtail braid down the middle of the back of the head and tie it off so some of the hair hangs down the back. If you’re looking for something super easy, place a cute little braid behind the ear. Feel free to accessorize the braid with a beaded feather.

elchim diary

3. High, Messy Buns For this look, you want to “set” the hair on top, wrapping each section around the Elchim Thermal 1-inch Round Brush. Use three or four of them to get the kind of volume you’ll need to create this style. Let the “set” cool for a few minutes before removing the brushes. Tease the hair to create a Mohawk-type look on top of the head. Now braid the rest of the hair and go over each braid with the Elchim Natures Touch to create a kind of wavy, kinky, natural look. Let that set for about three minutes and undo the braids. You can create a nice ponytail and leave it in the back, tease it out and make it big. Or, pull the hair into a ponytail on top of the head, tease it right off the base and wrap the hair to create an edgy bun. Incorporate some feathers into the look or steal one of the hottest looks from the runway and position multiple bobby pins at the side of the head to create a graphic design.