Discover why stylists have fallen in love with 8thSense!

stylists have fallen in love with elchim 8thSense
Elchim’s 8thSense in Milky Mint

Stylists around the world can’t get enough of the unparalleled styling freedom that the Elchim 8thSense offers, and who could blame them!

Designed with specific airflow and temperature controls to address the needs of all eight hair types in one dryer, the Elchim 8thSense is the first dryer on the market to provide everything stylists need with just the touch of a finger. At the heart of 8thSense is a motor controlled by a power regulator that adjusts infinite combinations of heat and air flow. It is such an intuitive system that neither interfaces nor displays are needed – your fingers know exactly what they’re doing.

“Hair has no rules, regulations or boundaries. My goal is to always make the hair look sexy and natural. And I love that with the Elchim 8thSense I can create any style I want on any client with one dryer,” Oscar Blandi, owner of Oscar Blandi Salon at 545 Madison Avenue in New York, recently commented. “The energy efficient technology is perfect for salons.”

The 8thSense motor is so revolutionary that it is developed for reduced electricity consumption. This is due to an advanced adjustable power setting from 300 Watts to 2,100 Watts (at 240 V) and the perfect air concentration to create the perfect style every time. The settings even work on the lowest power selection. 8thSense is energy efficient, has low electrical consumption and thus it is good for the environment – and the salon!

And thanks to the special structure of the back filter, the 8thSense is so quiet you can style hair even while talking on the phone, which is a huge benefit in a very busy salon environment. Any professional hairstylist will know at once that a dryer like this has never existed until now.

8thSense retails to salons and salon professionals for $245.00