Customize Your Blowouts With the Elchim 8th Sense

The Elchim 8th Sense Dryer isn’t just blowing hot air; it’s literally breaking new ground in the high-tech category. Traditionally, blow dryers have had two speeds (high and low) and three settings (hot, warm and cold). This one’s different. Now, instead of being limited by those two basic speeds and three basic settings, hairdressers can unleash their creativity and deliver beautiful, customized blowouts on all eight types of hair, from thick and thin to baby-fine, fragile or damaged and beyond, thanks to Elchim 8thSense’s 36 heat and speed settings.

Think of the Elchim8thSenseas the ultimate beauty hack, the digital dryer that also styles the hair. With the touch of a finger on the electronic accelerator, it’s possible to regulate temperature and airflow to create any number of styles, including these:


Thin hair can feel like a curse. Not only does it crave volume, but styles can literally fall flat in a few hours if the right steps aren’t taken to lock in the “set.” High temperatures and increased velocity can wreak havoc on fine, delicate hair, and that’s where 8thSense with its variety of heat and airflow options comes in. The right combo is a cooler temperature and lower speed. You can use a Denman-style brush or a round brush to build volume and coax the hair to turn under at the ends. You’ll want to get your brush right under the root of the hair, lift and turn as work your way around the head. Really drying the roots at low speeds and temperatures gives you that nice lift and volume you want, while keeping the hair from losing its bounce throughout the day.


Girls with thick hair can rock any number of trendsetting styles, from braids and buns to voluminous curls, but this hair type requires high temperatures and very low airflow to achieve the desired results. It’s important to towel-dry the hair to remove excess moisture before blow-drying on low-medium heat until the hair is 75% dry. Next, split the hair into three sections. Using the ElchimThermal Brush, start at the nape of the neck and wrap small sections of hair around the brush. Keep the tension tight as you roll the brush out and down, focusing the airflow down the length of the hair shaft. To create loose curls in the crown area, roll the hair on the round brush and heat it up to create the shape. Before unrolling each section, blast it with cool air to set the style, then gently unwrap the hair in a spiral twist.

With so many options, Elchim8th Sense is like a marriage made in heaven, a more perfect union of engineering and ergonomic design that raises the bar for everyone.

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