Transform Beach Waves Into Party-Ready Hair

3 steps and 5 minutes…that’s all it takes to add a dash of edge for rocking daytime beach waves at night.


Elchim’s Natures Touch Styler, the flat-iron with rounded edges for sexy, tousled curls OR our Curling Wand, which features a sophisticated electronic system complete with LCD display that allows full control of the temperature setting. The ceramic and titanium oxide coating on both keeps hair healthy by improving the transmission of heat.

Natures Touch Style uses HIT technology (High & Instant Temperature), letting you choose the highest of the 11 heat settings your hair can stand based upon type for sealing in style. Don’t worry – we remove the guesswork with a temperature(Fº)/hair-type guide:

  • Fine & Double Processed, below 360º
  • Natural & Textured, 370º-400º
  • Color-Treated, 340º-360º
  • Normal-Fine, below 360º
  • Normal-Medium, 370º-390º
  • Normal-Coarse, 360º-410º



  1. After selecting your setting, wait 17 seconds for the iron to heat up, and use your index finger and thumb to create a triangle-shaped section at the top of your head, from forehead to crown. Think of it like a reverse pyramid, a wider swath toward the front, and a bit less in the back. Not sure how much hair is needed? Make an ok sign with those fingers; hair should fit into its diameter.
  2. Pull the section upward, spritz a bit of protector then detangle with the Elchim paddle brush.
  3. Next, divvy the section into 10 one-inch pieces. In what might sound like a Dancing with the Stars move, pass and twirl each section with the ceramic plates facing up and your 4 fingers facing front (thumb facing back). Clamp each piece then rotate the flat iron back away from your face so your thumb is now facing out. Then move onto the next piece. The easy-to-maneuver 360-cord makes this move easy on hands and wrists even if you’re not a professional stylist.

When using our Curling Wand instead, no need to clamp: simply wind each piece around the closed rod with your hand, and hold for three seconds before moving to the next piece.

Two tips: make sure hair is completely dry and don’t brush the layers under your pyramid before styling. Instead, let the waves’ texture support the curls’ bounce for naturally youthifying volume.

And if you’re rushing off to meet friends and forget to turn it off – no sweat. Both styling tools self-shut after 50 minutes.

And that’s a wrap.