8th Sense lights up the holiday season

A Christmas present by Elchim

Christmas is coming, and with it the question of presents to buy. If you want some advice from someone who – like us – knows the secret to healthy and strong hair, then this year the choice is simple, thanks to Elchim tools and especially Elchim’s 8th Sense line.

The hair dryer is an essential tool for every hairstylist, but it can be life-changing at home. For this reason, when we designed the 8th Sense line, our goal was to create a product that not only ensures that hair is perfectly dry, but that in doing so also takes care of the hair’s well-being.

And if instead of presents you are looking for some styling ideas to dazzle at Christmas lunch or on New Year’s Eve, here are our suggestions.

Style idea #1: A straight style

If you think Christmas is about traditions, a smooth and flawless style is what you need. With 8th Sense Styler you can straighten your hair without worrying about damage: find the temperature best suited for your type of hair and with a single pass it will be perfectly tamed, thanks to HITⓇ (High & Instant Temperature) technology and ceramic and titanium oxide plates, for beautiful and healthy hair even during the holidays.

Style idea #2: Voluminous curls

If you need a little romance under the tree, what could be better than soft waves?
Your 8th Sense Styler, thanks to its rounded surfaces, is perfect to create curls and red carpet-worthy waves.
If you want more voluminous waves, you can just work on wider sections of hair.



Style idea #3: The braid

If your Christmas feels like a fairy tale, your inspiration can be Elsa from Frozen! In this case, the style we propose is an effortlessly chic braid, elegant but never boring. One of the advantages of this hairstyle is its practicality: once braided, hair will stay in place for several hours, no matter how much you’re going to let loose on the dance floor at midnight! The secret of a long-lasting braid is in the preparation; for this we recommend starting with well-dried hair (using RUN or with 8th Sense Sunset Copper, of course) that has been brushed and detangled, and a few curls created with 8th Sense styler to add volume.


Style idea #4: Free your creativity

The holidays are the perfect opportunity to indulge some whims, even in hairstyling! You can accentuate your hair type, straight, wavy or curly, and after drying it with one of the 36 heat/speed combinations of 8th Sense Sunset Copper, add hairpins and colored hair ties as you please. Or, following the trend showcased by Chanel’s catwalks and various celebrities, don a satin, velvet, or embellished headband with pearls of various sizes and rhinestones.

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