7 Steps to the Perfect Blow-Dry

Getting the perfect blow-dry – or providing one for your salon clients – is pure exhilaration. Though nothing but your hair has changed, you walk out the door feeling infinitely more confident, energized and beautiful.

Whether you’re trying to improve your skills for at-home styling, or looking for new techniques to furnish your clients with an amazing experience, we offer our suggestions for getting the look you desire.

STEP 1: Towel Dry Hair Thoroughly
Many women begin their blow-drying process with soaking wet hair they’ve barely touched. This actually causes more damage to hair, as hair is exposed to intense heat longer. Instead, towel dry hair until it’s 60-65% dry before bringing out your favorite Elchim blow dryer. We suggest the award-winning 3900 Titanium, which increases hydration and shine through its ionic-ceramic system.

STEP 2: Use Pre-Dry Prep
It’s easy to use too little or too much product when prepping hair to dry. And with a plethora of products on the market, selecting the correct one for the look you desire can often be overwhelming.

Start by having a thorough understanding of the look you want to create and the products you’ll need to help you get there. Those with curly or wavy hair will want to use an anti-frizz serum or cream, while a root-lifting mousse will add volume to straight hair.

If you’ll be styling your hair at home, consult with your stylist before leaving the salon to find out what products they’ve used. And stylists, remember to always have professional products on hand that clients can purchase before leaving your chair.

STEP 3: Section It Off
While many consumers and experts alike think they’re sectioning hair enough, often this ends up not being the case – especially when styling hair at home.

First, create a Mohawk at the top of your head and clip the section out of the way. Then divide hair into 3 additional sections – top, middle and nape. When preparing to put hair into the brush, use 2 to 4-inch sections so heat reaches your hair evenly. Your Elchim Paddle Brush with its broad, flat base is the perfect tool to help with this.

STEP 4: Select the Right Brush
The two biggest mistakes that industry experts agree on is using the wrong brush for the look you’re trying to achieve, and using a metal brush.

Metal brushes tend to heat up too quickly, which can in turn burn delicate follicles. Elchim Thermal Brushes are made with ultra-light, anti-stress materials. The nylon bristles and the ceramic and titanium oxide surfaces provide even heat distribution, making this professional brush more effective than others on the market. It’s the perfect tool for both stylists and consumers alike. Use larger round brushes to create silky smooth looks, while a smaller round brush will give you – or your clients – those coveted, natural waves.

STEP 5: Use the Nozzle
Your Elchim blow dryer comes with a nozzle attachment for a reason, though often these are discarded into cabinets and never used. If you’re guilty, you’re doing yourself a significant disservice.

Using a blow dryer without the nozzle just results in hair being sprayed liberally with heat all over. This is a perfect recipe for creating frizz. Using the nozzle will concentrate air flow on the cuticle to give you – or your clients – smooth, glossy locks.

Elchim’s 3900 Titanium delivers excellent performance in terms of heat, power, balance and noise, and will offer the control you need to achieve the styles you desire.

STEP 6: Select the Right Heat
And speaking of temperature, ensuring that your blow dryer is set for the right heat for your hair type and desired style makes a significant difference. Using heat that is too high can promote damage, often turning hair into a rigid, brittle mess. (See Elchim Tackles 5 Common Hair Mistakes)

STEP 7: Create Tension
One of the most essential steps in achieving the perfect blow dry is creating tension in the individual sections as you dry them.

To do this, wrap a 2 to 4-inch section of hair around your Elchim Thermal Brush beginning at the nape of the neck. Once hair is secure, pull hair as taut as you can without yanking or over-pulling. Point your favorite Elchim blow dryer so that air flow is directed down the hair shaft from roots to ends. This closes the hair follicles and promotes a healthy, glossy look.

Once each section is thoroughly dried, blast hair with cold air to set it. A light mist of hairspray can be applied once the style is complete to ensure it lasts all day.

The Elchim 3900 Titanium dryer is exclusively sold at Ulta Beauty, retailing for $209.00.

You can find the Elchim Paddle brush at fine salons and professional retailers nationwide, retailing for $15.00.