6 Hair Tools Everyone Needs in Their Arsenal

There are thousands of tools on the market that cater to every possible hair scenario. But most people are functioning with limited budgets and even more limited storage space, which means purchases need to make an impact. So which ones do you really need in order to accomplish most of the styles you love? Elchim presents the six tools that everyone needs in their arsenal.


Blow Dryer

This makes the top of the list for obvious reasons: No one has time to air dry their hair, and styling luscious locks is phenomenally easier when you apply heat. But not all hair dryers are created equal. Elchim offers six options in multiple colors to suit the weight and style you prefer in a dryer. The most advanced option is the 8thSense, which accommodates all eight known hair types and allows you to regulate temperature and air flow with just the touch of a finger on the electric accelerator. “When using a blow dryer, it’s important to use the nozzle, and point the direction of air straight down the length of hair when moving.” Explains celebrity hairstylist Oscar Blandi. “This will close the cuticle and ensure that hair stays smooth and sleek.”


Curly haired girls around the world know the value of the diffuser, but ladies with straight hair can benefit from the added volume as well. With Elchim’s Cocoon Diffuser, you get a two-in-one, professional-level tool that quickly dries curly hair without breaking it or creating damage on the ends.

Curling Iron or Wand

For those soft waves and elegant styles, you’ll need to have a curling wand or curling iron on hand. Elchim’s options heat up in just 17 seconds, while the ceramic and titanium oxide coating produces negative ions and infrared heat to keep hair perfectly healthy. “To get the beautiful spiral curls that everyone wants, point the wand straight up so that the cord is either facing the ceiling or facing the sky when wrapping the hair.” Explains Blandi.


Thermal Brush

Ideal for creating body while blow drying your hair, thermal brushes come in different diameters – and the bigger the barrel, the straighter the look. To get those soft, romantic styles that are oh-so-perfect for spring, use a smaller barrel with ceramic material to mold hair into shiny, bouncy curls.


Elchim’s round thermal brushes are made with ultra-light, anti-stress materials that make the brush easy to use for longer periods of time – take note ladies with long locks! The specially curved nylon bristles secure hair in place and create added resistance for a sleeker result, while the surface is made with a special combination of ceramic and titanium oxide surfaces that make this professional grade brush more effective and easier to use overall.


Paddle Brush

If you’ve ever been the victim of static or humidity, you know how easily hair can stand up everywhere. That’s where paddle brushes come in. The big, flat shape provides smoothing and anti-static properties, so it’s the ideal fix for any kind of frizzies.  It’s especially helpful for those who have thick hair, and may need some extra effort in detangling locks and keeping hair sleek.

Straightening Wand

Gone are the days of damaged ends and sizzled strands. Elchim has designed a styling wand that not only minimizes styling time and produces perfect results, but also respects hair’s natural look and texture. This assures you’ll get soft, smooth, sleek hair like you’ve never seen before.





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