4 Tricks for a Fuller, Modern Ponytail

4 Tricks for a Fuller, Modern Ponytail - The Elchim DiaryEveryone craves that full-bodied, beautiful ponytail that makes hair appear thick and perfectly styled. While Instagram would have you believing that other ladies just roll out of bed, throw their hair up and their lush locks do the rest, hair insiders know a few tricks that can give limp hair new life. Use these four tips next time to introduce extra body to your style.


Use a dab of mousse. Mousse isn’t just for girls with curls. Start with an egg-sized amount in the palm of your hand and work it evenly throughout damp hair before blow drying. This will provide just enough natural-looking body.


Use your fingers instead of a comb. Next, use your favorite Elchim blow dryer to start the drying process. As you do, use your fingers to rake your hair up and away from your neck and scalp while concentrating the nozzle at the root of your hair. Direct the airflow toward the end of strands to reduce frizz, but increase voluptuous volume. When hair is thoroughly dried, you can section it off and go back through it with a big round brush to finish the styling and smoothing process.


Tease your hair and set it with hairspray. A little teasing at the roots of your hair or the base of the pony tail is the ultimate way to create extra volume. The fastest way to do this is to secure your hair in a ponytail with a rubber band. Next, split the volume of your hair in half and pull the top half up away from your head. Gently backcomb the base of this section toward your head, spritz a little hairspray in that area to ensure the tease won’t fall out, then allow the teased portion relax over the bottom half of your hair. Section your hair again and continue doing this until you’ve created the height and shape that you want. Smooth the final layer over your entire ponytail for a finished look. The Natures Touch styler is perfect for this!


Hide a clip in your ponytail. Finally, if you still want to introduce a little more volume guaranteed to last all day, hiding a small clip inside your ponytail is an instant boost. Separate the top third of your hair from the bottom section, and lift it high. Stick a small clip at the base of the ponytail between the layers, then smooth the top section to ensure it stays well hidden.