3 Wearable Award Season Hair Looks

This award season it is all about glossy tresses; from wavy to pin-straight. These show-stopping hairstyles aren’t just for the red carpet, but can be worn to the office or on the dance floor! To help you achieve a silver screen worthy moment, we have 3 wearable award season hairspiration styles from the 2018 Golden Globes that are sure to earn you an award for best hair.

Classic Vintage Waves

Margot Robbie wore this iconic hair look to the Golden Globes. Her golden locks emulated old-school Hollywood glamour with a modern (and trendy) lobbed twist!

You don’t need a celebrity stylist to achieve this red carpet look: use Elchim’s Light blow dryer and the 1 3/4” Thermal Brush to maximize shine and create large curls as you blow dry – be sure to curl hair in same direction going away from the face. Once curled just gently brush out curls with same brush to create a soft look. Add a quick spritz of hairspray to hold down fly-a-ways and voila!

Undone Shine

Hailee Steinfeld has my heart (and my ideal hair).  Steinfeld rocked an undone beach wave look at the 2018 Grammy’s but still achieved maximum shine.

To achieve glamorous yet effortless waves begin by applying a generous amount of volume mouse to damp hair from root to tip. Blow dry hair with a multi-bristle brush and create a deep part. Use Elchim’s Natures Touch to style loose beach waves in alternating directions – be sure to leave the ends of the hair straight. Apply frizz control cream to the ends to create definition and added shine.

Sleek And Straight

Sleek is chic this red carpet season. More and more celebrities are embracing frizz-free ultra-straight looks. This style catches the red carpet light like no other! Naomi Campbell has always loved her hair styled sleek, shiny, and straight (& I couldn’t agree more)! There’s nothing more sophisticated than pin-straight tresses.

To achieve this look be sure to first apply your favorite shine serum with heat protective properties. Blow dry straight with Elchim’s Paddle Brush, the perfect brush to enhance your hair’s shine.  Use Elchim’s Natures Touch to tame away any unwanted kinks and frizz to achieve a perfectly polished finish. **struts out of bathroom**