3 Halloween Looks That You Can Wear Everyday

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Beauty lovers get ready. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Nope, we’re not talking about the Christmas season but the most anticipated hairstyle holiday—Halloween! That’s right, All Hallows’ Eve. Not only will the ghosts and goblins come out from behind the cobwebs, so too will the year’s most wacky, scary and far-out hairstyles as beauty aficionados will be given carte blanche to dress their dos to their hearts’ desire. We’re looking at you Medusas, trolls and Marge Simpsons. While you’ll definitely get props for going all-out with your tresses for your Halloween bash, not every look donned on the spooktacular evening will jive with your daily 9-to-5. Here, some trending Halloween styles that you can wear year-round. 

Orange Hair, Don’t Care

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While you’ll be sure to spot plenty of unicorns sporting 2018’s trendy Hollywood opal, rainbow hue or witches rocking Pantone’s color-of-the-year “Ultra Violet,” when we think of Halloween the first color to pop to mind: the iconic pumpkin orange. Now, we’re not suggesting that you wear a jack-o’-lantern on your head to work, but we have faith that you can pull off the bright, eye-catching, color in your day-to-day without catching any flack. Not only did Allure recently report that fiery, Hot Cheetos-colored tresses were an Insta-hit this year, we’ve also been seeing various shades of the fun color—from peach to copper to neon—splashed all-over social media. Not to mention, celebs like Kelly Osbourne and Hayley Williams have been wowing fans and beauty editors alike with their ravishing orange locks. Once you’ve decided whether to go tangerine, carrot or cantaloupe, you’ll want ensure that your newly-hued tresses are ready to put on display. Simply use Elchim’s 8thSense to give locks a gorgeous blowout or Elchim’s Nature’s Touch for effortless curls. 

Bringing Fiction to Life

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If the flicks and TV shows that came out this year prove anything, it’s that girl power is taking over the world. With a plethora of tough-as-nails heroines to choose from, there’s no doubt that women will be turning to the silver and small screens for their costume inspiration this Halloween. While we salute the ladies who’ve been dominating this year’s pop culture hits—from Black Panther’s courageous Wakanda warriors to “Games of Thrones’ unstoppable Mother of Dragons to Tomb Raider’s fearless Lara Croft—we can’t seem to get the ultimate badass, Wonder Woman a.k.a. Diana Price, or her sought-after hairstyles, out of our heads. We’ll never forget her Amazonian fishtail braid, refined side bun or classy twisted updo, but her fierce yet feminine signature curls will be stamped in our minds forever. Not surprising since they first came on the scene in a 1941 comic book! To boot, Wonder Woman’s gorgeous waves are the perfect accessory for any occasion and super easy to emulate. To channel your inner super hero goddess, you’ll want to section your hair into large chunks and then use Elchim’s Nature’s Touch to create imperfect bends. For added volume, lightly mist your hair with texture spray and then run your fingers through the waves to break them up. Afterall, when you’re fighting to save the world your hair might get a little messy.

Superstar Styles

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Known for taking risks and setting trends, it’s a no-brainer that A-listers’ styles will always be a hot costume commodity. Sure, with over 29 million folks tuning into the royal wedding we’re bound to see Meghan Markle’s nuptial updo everywhere but ponytails might actually end up ruling the Halloween roost. Not only did Beyoncé make headlines when she brought her famous Rapunzel braid back, Kylie Jenner also made jaws drop when she wore a 30-inch long, whopping $8,000 ponytail to her 21st birthday party. Though, there’s one ponytail that beats them all: Ariana Grande’s tried-and-true. Whether super high or half-up, Ariana’s pony will likely be a Halloween fav as the songstress has once again been one of the most buzzed about celebs this year. Think: Her hasty engagement to comedian Pete Davidson became major celebrity gossip, she’s one of the highest-ranking Instagram influencers with over 130 million followers, and her trademark pony can be credited for making Australian clip-on extension sales increase by 50 percent. To get a half-up look inspired by her legendary pony, first use Elchim’s 8thSense to blow-dry your hair straight and then craft soft waves from the midshaft to ends with Elchim’s Nature’s Touch. Next, create a diagonal-shaped part starting at the hairline to the crown and secure it with an elastic band. Start by teasing tiny sections of the ponytail until it’s been teased entirely and then finish the look by spraying a small section of the pony with hairspray until it resembles a ribbon and wrap that section around the elastic to conceal it.