3 Hair Drying Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Everyone loves that straight-from-the-salon style! You feel fresh, chic and ready for anything the day throws at you. It’s often difficult to duplicate those amazing results at home, but there are three easy tricks you can implement to improve your results.


You don’t have the right blow dryer


There are hundreds of options available for blow dryers – and not all of them are created equal. Your hair is as unique as your personality, so it’s important to select the right one for you. Understanding the technology in the machine is the first step to that.


Blow dryers with ionic ceramic technology work by creating millions of negative ions that allows the blow dryer to dry your hair faster by breaking down the water. Then they dry the follicles from the inside out with non-damaging infrared heat. This helps to keep hair healthy and full of life!


Elchim’s 3900 Healthy Ionic is a professional-level blow dryer that incorporates ionic ceramic technology to reduce drying time by more than 30%!


You aren’t using the correct heat setting & brush


There are eight types of hair that exist, and each one needs a specific temperature and air flow to dry properly and without damage. If you have fine hair and are using the highest setting, you risk frying your strands. If you have coarse hair and use the lowest setting, it could take much longer than necessary to blow dry your hair and zap out frizz. Elchim’s 8thSense is the first blow dryer to address all eight types of hair – from thick and coarse to baby fine. With just a touch of your finger, you can regulate both temperature and air flow with infinite combinations.


The same is true for brushes. If you’re using a brush with a metal core, it could heat up too much and burn your hair. Instead, select one with a ceramic and titanium oxide surface – like Elchim’s thermal brushes – to add extra heat protection while styling.


You aren’t holding the blow dryer at the right angle, or using the nozzle


Most people hold the blow dryer a few inches from their head, and leave it there until the hair is dry. This is the perfect way to damage your strands.


Instead, you should be constantly moving the dryer throughout your hair, and keep the blow dryer at a horizontal angle while making sure your brush is vertical. Most people will discard the nozzle that comes with your dryer, but that’s a big mistake! Using the nozzle the right way will help control the airflow, preventing additional frizz in the process.


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